Impacting the SME ecosystem with growth and equal funding opportunities

flapkap founder, Coucha & Khaled

When it comes to funding, large-scale businesses have always had smoother access to credit whereas most SMEs struggled with their cashflows. And this is where we come in. We’re here to offer tailored growth solutions to make it a level playing field for SMEs. Our mission is to provide extremely fast, flexible and insightful funding to SMEs businesses across the MENA region.

Removing all the pains associated with traditional funding

Removing all the pains associated with traditional funding

Our story

Every (good) business starts with a problem. And ours was obvious: The available funding options sucked. From extremely slow processes and complicated equity finance to intimidating personal guarantees, we came to realize that, instead of serving them, traditional funding methods were not only inaccessible to brilliant SME businesses , but the were actually scaring them off. And this is when a lightbulb went on and our Co-Founders, Ahmed Coucha (CEO) and Khaled Nassef (CTO) got to work.

Being the former CFO and Co-Founder of Kijamii, the regional, award-winning digital Advertising Agency, Coucha experienced first-hand what challenges SME Founders faced. Together with Khaled Nassef and Sherif Bichara (who later joined the founding team and is now leading FlapKap’s FinOps), the three partners took it upon themselves to tackle every Founder's pain points. With Nassef’s experience and passion for Tech, Coucha’s love for Digital and Entrepreneurship and Bichara’s expertise and interest in finance, they introduced a modern, founder-friendly funding solution for founders in the MENA region.

Team working

Our journey

Jan 2022

Incorporation in Cairo

March 2022

Seed Funding

July 2022

1st Brand onboarded

Dec 2022

Dubai unlocked

Jan 2023

Riyadh unlocked


We started FlapKap because we wanted to create value for digital Entrepreneurs who are facing the same limitations we faced. Supporting online businesses to grow and unlock their potential will always be at the top of our list.


With our partners and with each other. From not having any hidden fees and making sure our partners know how much they're paying and when they're paying to being open and honest with each other as a team. We're all working towards the same goal and we need trust to be able to push each other forward.


Embracing change and adapting to it is very important to us. It pushes everyone in our team to evolve, be more responsive to our partners' needs and to thrive in a fast-paced and constantly evolving market.

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