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How the magic happens

1. Connect your platforms to FlapKap App and check your eligibility

Seamlessly and securely share data 100% digitally with us

How the magic happens

2. We send you an offer in 48hrs

Offer includes how much $$ you can get, our fees, and your payback schedule.

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How the magic happens

3. Once you accept the offer, you get funded!

Use funding to expand and grow!

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Revenue-Based Financing (RBF)

We finance your working capital, charge you a small fee and take a % of your revenues until we're paid back. Slow month? Happens to the best of us. If you revenues slow down, so do our repayments.


Revenue-based funding is more suited for your E-commerce business than traditional bank loans and VC funding



Stock Now and Pay Later. Divide large expenses over time and on your own terms. Whether it's weekly or monthly, you'll get to choose the repayment model that works best for you without punching a hole in your monthly P&L.



Get access to intuitive dashboards and get actionable insights to optimize your ad spend

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Receive an offer in 48hrs!