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Use funding for

Minimize out-of-stock
Minimize lost sales by eliminating out-of-stock and being on top of your inventory needs.
Scale your ads
Increase conversion from your digital ads.
Free up capital for regional expansion 🇦🇪 🇸🇦
We’ll cover your inventory needs so you can free up capital for global expansion.
Invest in your marketing
Invest in your marketing and make sure your brand is well positioned and always top of mind.
Lock prices with your suppliers
Make sure you secure your inventory needs with the best and most competitive prices.
Buy in bulk
Buy more and pay less. Take advantage of volume & cash discounts from your supplier when you order more.
Diversify your product range
Add more products to your range and appeal to more customers.

A modern way of funding. With the click of a button.


Sign up, receive an offer, and get the needed funds transferred to your bank account in as little as 48 hours.


You'll get the funds you need, when you need them. Choose the repayment model that works best for you without having to worry about late fees or penalties.


Get access to intuitive dashboards and get actionable insights to optimize your business.

Shariaa Compliant

Our financing services abide by Islamic finance principles and is in line with our faith-based values.

Funding has never been as flexible as this

Unlock growth for your ecommerce business. Get access to fast and flexible funding, data analytics, expert support, and guidance on how to grow, adapt, and succeed in the highly competitive ecommerce industry.

Revenue-Based Financing

We fund your working capital, charge you a small fee and take a % of your revenues until we're paid back. Having a slow month/ season? If your revenues slow down, so do our repayments.

Stock now and pay later

Divide large expenses over time and on your own terms. Whether it's weekly or monthly, you'll get to choose the repayment model that works best for you without punching a hole in your monthly P&L.

We don't like bugging you, so we securely integrated your everyday platforms with our App

Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics.

Customer testimonials

“Flapkap has been a valuable asset to our business by providing financing for our inventory and helping to accelerate our growth. Additionally, the FlapKap team has been instrumental in guiding our marketing and distribution efforts to scale our business. It is refreshing when you can find a partner that is truly understanding and helpful in their endeavors.”

 Mohammad Alhawari

Founder, Feel Good Tea

“We needed support to restock our inventory and this is where FlapKap really came through for us. Super easy, trustworthy team, who had our back no matter what. The tools and resources they provide us with enable us to tackle any challenge that comes our way with full confidence. The convenience and speed which FlapKap offers is second to none, and partnering with them was one of the easiest decisions we made to help grow our business.”

Ahmed Ouda

Co-Founder, Oudies

“I believe that FlapKap is one of the most convenient and founder-friendly financing options for E-commerce. In addition to being growth partners not merely a financing provider, they will guide you in every business aspect not just financing. The flexibility of paying installments on a weekly basis also helped us a lot. We would definitely recommend FlapKap for their simplicity and their ultra smooth procedures.”

Ayman Magdy

Founder, CairoCart

"FlapKap's insights have helped us optimize our ROAS. Through their dashboards, we have had a clearer understanding of when to increase or decrease advertising spend in order to maximize our revenue and profits. This has helped us shift our attention from consistently having to set budgets ourselves to focusing on the core operations of our business."

Alaa Khalil

Owner & CEO, Drowzy

“We needed help with our supply chain financing, and Flapkap was super easy to get in touch with and they actually put a lot of effort into understanding our needs and how they can be of help. They quickly offered an easy and customizable financial solution that met our needs, and really added value to our supply chain.”

Hamed AlGendy

CEO & Founder, Nude Bakery

“The best thing about FlapKap is their speed. Taking actions is fast and the process is easy. Taking decisions is always calculated and always based on need. Flapkap is also a supportive partner that is always offering help and pushing us to grow and exerting effort to respond to challenges the business is facing to ensure that everything is going well.”

Amr Mesery

Co-Founder, Mesery

“I highly recommend Flapkap to anyone looking for flexible financing options for inventory. With their actionable growth insights, I was able to scale my inventory quickly, while also paying in fixed installments. It has been a pleasure working with them and I am confident that they will continue to exceed my expectations moving forward.”

Omar Osman

CEO & Founder, Giftopiia


We know you might have questions and we're here to answer them.

What is RBF (Revenue-based funding)?

We fund your working capital, charge you a small fee, and take a small % of your revenues until we are paid back. If your revenues slow down, so do our repayments. No late fees or penalties!

Why do I have to connect my sales and how do you use this data?

When you connect your sales accounts, we collect and review your revenue history. We do this to forecast revenue across all your connected sales platforms to determine your funding capacity.

How is FlapKap different from other funding options?

We're more flexible, faster, hassle-free and we won't take a part of your company. You’ll also have access to Media Experts to find out how much to spend & what to spend on.

How do you calculate my revenues from which payment will be calculated?

If you opt for RBF then we back date the % to a previous week to make sure you have enough time to collect your COD from your courier.

How will I know how much funding am I eligible for?

As a rule of thumb, a minimum of half your monthly revenues and a maximum of double your monthly revenues.

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