Amazon Sellers can get funded now in 48 hrs. with FlapKap

July 24, 2023
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Amazon Sellers can get funded now in 48hrs with FlapKap

In a groundbreaking collaboration, FlapKap and Amazon have come together to provide the first and fastest financing solution dedicated for Amazon sellers across the Middle East!


We are excited to announce our partnership with Amazon, bringing innovative revenue-based financing to Amazon sellers in UAE, Egypt and soon in Saudi Arabia. We are powering Amazon seller’s growth by providing Fast and Flexible funding option with FlapKap's Amazon Seller inventory financing solution. 

FlapKap app is the first financing application to be embedded with Amazon seller central. This enables any Amazon seller to seamlessly connect to FlapKap, connect their Amazon store and get funded in less than 48 hours. 


With the FlapKap funding, we envision Amazon sellers solving the biggest hurdle to their growth on the platform: Out Of Stock. FlapKap’s inventory financing solution enables Amazon Seller’s to buy in bulk, get volume discounts, maintain strategic reserves and even expand PPC media spends so as to Grow! 

FlapKap firmly believes that working capital constraints shouldnt hinder brand growth and this partnership with Amazon Seller App is to bridge this gap for all Amazon Sellers. 


FlapKap’s financing features are in sync with Amazon Seller growth objectives as repayments are Revenue Based. What this means is that FlapKap repayments are a small percentage of your Amazon Sales and not a fixed amount; therefore enabling you to sail through those lean weeks with low repayments, and pay faster during periods like Prime Days. 


FlapKap - Amazon Seller Finacing Features and Benefits:


  •  Fast Approvals in 48 Hours
  •  Flexible Revenue-Based Payback
  • Collateral Free Funding
  • Shariaa Compliant
  • Equity-Free Funding



Ready to fuel your growth? Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up on the FlapKap app and connect your Amazon store
  2. Get a tailored offer within 48hrs.
  3. Accept the offer and receive funds as soon as next business day!


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