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Benefits of being an Amazon Seller

Build Your Brand on Amazon

Reach 300+ Million Worldwide Customers

Let Amazon handle your storage, shipping & customer service

Drive sales with Amazon Advertising Solutions

Make money working when and from wherever you like

Want to get started?

To start selling on Amazon, you need an Amazon Seller Central account. It's easy to get started – simply create your account now

FlapKap x Amazon Seller. We offer Amazon sellers fast & flexible revenue-based financing

We don’t take equity

You can use your funding to minimize your out of stock, buy in bulk, diversify your product range and scale your marketing activities.

We’ll help you to grow and take a percentage of your revenues until we’re paid back. Having a slow month/ season? If your revenues slow down, so do our repayments.

We tailor our funding offers to your business so you get the best possible financing options.

It’s fast, flexible, fair and ensures you stay in complete control while you grow your business.

Why sell with Amazon?

Reach millions

From startups to Fortune 500s, brand owners and resellers thrive on Amazon, attracting millions of global customers.

Deliver stress-free

Choose FBA or Amazon Easy Ship for effortless shipping, returns, and customer service. Or self-ship if you prefer to manage it yourself.

Make money

Amazon store selling costs vary based on product category and fulfillment method. Enjoy flexibility to choose what suits your business and goals best.


We know you might have questions and we're here to answer them.

How do I register to sell in the Amazon store?

To get started as an Amazon seller, begin by choosing a selling plan and setting up an Amazon selling account. Make sure youhave access to your bank account number and bank routing number, chargeablecredit card, government-issued national ID, tax information, and phone numberto complete your registration.

Is being an Amazon seller profitable?

Selling in the Amazon store can be very profitable. In 2021, U.S. selling partners sold more than 3.9 billion products– an average of 7,500 every minute – in the Amazon store and averaged about$200,000 in sales per seller.

How do I increase my sales in the Amazon store?

There are many ways to increase sales in Amazon’s store. Appeal to Prime members by using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to offer customers Prime shipping. You can also:

1- Up your advertising game by offering promotions, coupons, or lightning deals.·        
2- Register as a Brand Owner and build your own brand experience using Amazon Stores.
3- Create A+ content to drive sales.
4- Manage customer engagement to market directly to customers who follow your brand.
5- Learn more by clicking here